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What’s in your stress container?

We’ve all had more challenges to deal with this year than we might normally have. How have you dealt with those challenges? Have your coping mechanisms changed?

Everyone manages ‘stress’ in their own way, some have the ability to cope with more stress than others. The idea of the stress container is that you can manage a certain amount of stress, just like a bucket could hold water. If too much stress flows in, you overflow and can’t cope anymore, this is when you being to snap and react differently to how you might want to.

To help manage the flow of stress, we have a ‘coping mechanisms’ tap, just like a hole in a bucket would let the water out and stop it from overflowing, this tap is our chance to manage our stress and stop us from overflowing. There are helpful coping strategies, this may include exercise, reading or talking to friends and family, which allow the stress to flow out freely. Then there are less helpful coping strategies, such as excessive alcohol or withdrawing from family and friends, which don’t allow the stress to be fully released, increasing the chances of overflow.

Take 10 minutes this week to note down your stresses, big and little, and the coping mechanisms you use, are there any changes you could make?

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